​​​​​Virginia Beach EMS Marine Rescue Team

What is MRT up to?

Water Rescue, it's what we do!

The Marine Rescue Team is a proud member of Virginia Beach EMS, one of the nation's largest volunteer based rescue systems. This EMS Special Operations Team consists of highly trained volunteer EMS providers who respond to any emergency water rescue, including, boats in distress, drownings, vehicles in the water, flood water rescues, and ice water rescues. The team utilizes several all-weather rescue boats, jet skis, jon boats, and response trucks to carry out its mission.

Consisting of specially trained Rescue Swimmers, boat Coxswains, crewmembers, and EMTs, the team specializes in search techniques to locate and recover victims from hazardous situations in marine environments. The team also provides proactive boat patrols along the oceanfront resort areas and for the numerous special events around the waterways of Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach EMS Marine Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that finances its operational needs through fundraising.

Support the Virginia Beach EMS Marine Rescue Team

Your generous donations assist the Virginia Beach EMS Marine Rescue Team with responding to water emergencies in our community. With your support, we can provide our volunteer team members with personal safety gear and flotation devices, drysuits, sonar, and other equipment to successfully carry out rescue missions here in Virginia Beach. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.​
Please make checks payable to:  VA Beach Volunteer Water Rescue Team.*  They can be mailed to: VA Beach Volunteer Water Rescue Team, P.O. Box 597, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.

*MRT is formally incorporated as the VA Beach Volunteer Water Rescue Team. 

COVID-19 Response

​​We have made substantial changes to our operational guidelines to ensure we are able to provide our professional water rescue services. We have also adopted additional safety measures to ensure crew and patient safety. We are following the guidelines issued by the CDC and our Virginia Beach Dept. of EMS.